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Who are The Pods? 

The Pods are a group of eight characters that live on their very own Planet Pod, whilst at the same time interacting in our world. They are always looking to have fun, trying to understand the world and motivate, inspire and entertain all those they meet. Each of The Pods have their own quirks and personality traits, and celebrate their strengths together through humour and teamwork. Through their unique diversity, they help children to learn and understand that we are all individuals and collectively we can acknowledge each other’s strengths, qualities and individualities. 

Our mission

Inclusion is at the heart of everything The Pods do, whether this be the characters themselves, our 

creative team and those we work with, or our viewers and followers ensuring no-one feels left out. 

From our unique font, which is a blend of Roman and Patrick’s handwriting, through to our upcoming range toys and television script, our aim is to ensure all our products are as accessible and inclusive as possible for children of ALL abilities.

History of The Pods 

CEO Alison Bateman founded Meet The Pods in 2017, with the intention of creating a safe working environment for everyone. After her son Roman was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum, Alison became highly aware of the daily challenges autistic people face, and inspired by this, she decided she wanted to create a company with an all-inclusive attitude to employment - whether this be as an artist, writer, illustrator or reader.

To kick-start her mission of creating an environment for everyone, she started to collaborate with lead artist, Patrick, to bring her vision for ‘The Pods’ to life.  Patrick was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum as a child.  He is a very talented cartoonist who has an exceptional ability to create characters and through his expressive drawing can instantly convey emotions and feelings. With his talent, he worked closely to Alison’s specific brief and the eight individuals that make up The Pods - each with their qualities and quirks came to life.  

What are The Pods doing?

The team are very hands-on with Alison actively posting daily on social media - with an array of content ranging from jokes, motivational quotes, positive thoughts and ‘The Pods’ own very interpretation of world events the channels are a must-follow for a daily dose of positive inspiration! For the younger audience, The Pods also has an interactive channel on POPJAM, which sees thousands of fans a day, interacting with the antics of the much-loved characters.   With children enthusiastically engaging with the content, Alison is on a mission to fill the gap in the market for a fun and focused venture that through the diversity of character personality, caters for all children, spanning from mainstream to those with special educational needs. Now firm social favourites, The Pods are set to venture into new developments across consumer products, toys, apps and webisodes. 

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