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Alison - Chief Pod

Alison is a creator with an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. She is driven by her passion to continually create, build, and innovate. Ultimately, this relentless drive has led her to invent, manufacture, and patent an award-winning product.

A mother of three boys (one of which has special needs), Alison is very much family-centered individual in every aspect of the word, which translates into her life’s overall vision. As such, inclusivity and opportunities for everyone is just as important to her as establishing a lucrative commercial business, if not more so.  This passion has led her to launch ‘Meet The Pods’, a fun loving company whose aim is to create great products with a particular interest in the integration of the product and working environment into the special needs community.

When not creating something you can find Alison OM’ing in a yoga class, converting her old horsebox into a campervan or out running with her dogs.

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Patrick - Pod Artist

When Patrick describes himself as a ‘Media Wikipedia’ or the “Sheldon of Media” - you know his talents are going to be far-reaching and unique!  From a young age, Patrick identified and expressed himself through the characters and music he saw on the screen or in books and comics.

Patrick possesses an incredible ability to recall and recreate the smallest details of screen and sound  - whether it’s a spilt second sound effect, voiceover character or the smallest visual detail like spotting a cameo appearance from the director, actors or celebrities.

His hobbies include drawing his favourite characters from TV shows, film and comics and producing Fan Fiction stories. Being on the autistic spectrum highlighted his ability to interpret and create characters and bring them to life.  

When you ask someone their favourite word and they answer BAZINGA you know that expressing themselves is a big part of their character!


Roman - Pod Contributor

Roman is Alison's son and regularly suggests ideas and content for The Pods.

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